About Us

JLPN in a Veteran Provider of Marketing Services with almost a decade of experience. We specialise in turn key assignments from Large Corporates to execute their Marketing Activities across the length and breadth of India. At JLPN, we are a bunch of extremely creative people, who are never satisfied with the easy way out. We are always digging deep into ways that can help Brands to make a strategic impact on the audience.

Why Choose Us

When Big Brands spend Millions in creating the right Ad and even more to have the right Brand Ambassadors representing them, it is obvious that you want to repose faith in a very trustworthy Marketing Partner to deliver your message to the World.

JLPN is that credible Marketing Partner for many Large Corporates in India.JLPN takes its responsibility of being your Brand’s custodian extremely seriously. We help you achieve your Brand reach target without any compromise in the quality of the execution.We also have a nationwide reach that gets across your message to your entire Target Group in the shortest possible time. We have a loyal team which has remained associated with JLPN for many years and has tremendous experience across Brands and types of assignments.

Our Stats

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Be the Most Trusted Marketing Partner for Large Corporates in India.


With the talent pool we aim to achieve advertising with the difference that would transform your brands.

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